Yann Schuyers (born 1954, Oss, Netherlands) discovered his the artist in himself early on in life.  As a young child, he already provided hand-drawn illustrations for the school newspaper.  With his creative nature, Yann also took an interest in photography quickly, and made sculptures in aerated concrete and even bones of cows.

“I have felt challenged by shapes and colours since I was a young boy.  For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to make things of beauty and tell stories with images, not words.  I want to let people enjoy the fruits of my imagination. I have always been driven by this, and still am.” – Yann Schuyers

His love for science fiction led Yann to design furniture and do other interior design for fictional utopian living accomodation. His desire was to become an interior designer, but on the advice of his school, he ended up studying lithography at the Graphic Lyceum. To satisfy his creative needs, Yann also attended the Free Academy (Vrije Academie).  Later, he received his master’s degree in art direction and design in Rotterdam.

“When I enter a new field of creativity, I want to get the best out of it.  I cannot be satisfied with just ‘good’.”  – Yann Schuyers

Throughout the years, Yann has dived into many kinds of creative arts that let him play with shape and imagination.  With full conviction and hungry for discovery, he has used photography and screen printing, drawn with acrylic paint and pencil, digital art and designed gardens and furniture.  Yann has also greatly enjoyed sharing his expertise and enthusiasm with students at the Free Academy.

“In the old days, you would have a closet full of boxes filled with ideas, cut-outs from magazines, objects, sketches, books, pictures, notes and memories.  You would start creating new work with those in hand.  That closet is now called a computer, and it takes you all over the world.” – Yann Schuyers

Over the course of his career as an artist, Yann has adapted himself to the use of current techniques and materials available.  As his taste and interests evolved over that years, so has his work.  Yann draws inspiration from a wide range of predecessors, from Leonardo da Vinci and RembrandtAt the same time, he is triggered by contemporaries and draws inspiration from architecture, design and fashion.  A recurring theme in Yann’s art is the beauty of the female body.

“Womankind is the base of our existence.  She carries beauty and attraction in all her shapes and forms.  Only she can continue to captivate me and be an inexhaustible source of inspiration to me.” – Yann Schuyers

In the past, Yann has exhibited his works of art and sold some of his remarkable pieces, with which he has made an name for himself: in 2015, he received the World Fashion Fair Award for his digital art out of the hands of Phia Bruch at Amsterdam’s Park Plaza Victoria.  With his current work, he seeks to find the same recognition.  Yann is always looking for venues to exhibit and sell his works of art.



“I work with the power of light & color. I find this in the digital world in combination with various pigment-containing materials that are available to an artist. I love to work from different kinds of creative arts, techniques and materials.  My way of operating is very intense, but never fails to be a rewarding experience for me.  I also find great reward in sharing my work with people.” – Yann Schuyers

Yann’s mixed contemporary techniques (New Media Art) on linen has been inspired by the size and technique of artists like Lita Cabellut, André Maynet, Louis Treserras and Tos Kostermans. All of his works are fascinating in their size and beauty, they are unique works of art on canvas with stretcher bars based on digital-photography. He uses: acrylic paint, markers, ink, oil paint pencils, pastilles, gel and varnish with airbrush- pencil- stencil- splash- and glaze- techniques.  Yann also finds a lot of inspiration for new works of art in mythology, fashion, design, architecture, travel and music.