Fascinated by artists such as Lita Cabellut, André Maynet and Louis Treserras.

Inspired by architecture, design and fashion.

Passionate about music, nature and travel.

Wonderful sources that constantly feed me with new ideas.

From the power of emotion and desire
I continue to build new art.

Wonderful to do.
And above all to share with people.
– Yann Schuyers



Represented by:
SHE Art Gallery  •  Gallery Tao.

Yann is responsible for a wide variety of visual artwork.  During his life as an artist so far, Yann Schuyers has involved himself with pencil drawing, photography, screen printing, painting with acrylic paint, digital art, interior design and designing of gardens.  Yann has exhibited his work often. In 2015, he was awarded the World Fashion Fair Award for his artwork.

The representation of us,
the obvious nature of nudity is central to the desire for expression, both in its symbolism and in the sensual quest for form, or the stilled eroticism of leaving ourselves in relation to the other.

Nudity is a language buried in us, perceived by everyone and always, but also a mirror of emotion and desire. (L.T.)

At the moment, Yann applies produces unique
mixed contemporary techniques (New Media Art) based on digital photography.
The female body is an important source of inspiration to Yann for his extraordinary mixed media works of art.

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